Copper Tank solar water heater

We’re considered to be a significant and reliable Copper Tank Solar Water Heater supplying company in India and all over the globe. We are a leading copper tank solar water heater manufacturer in India. Our valued clientele can avail of our quality-based Copper Tank Solar Water Heater at cost-effective market rates.

This Solar Water Heater has been a very popular product. Copper tank solar water heater is the most effective method of storing thermal energy. A copper tank solar water heater is used to convert the energy of the sun directly into heat.

Solar water heaters use the suns energy to heat water. And, just like water in solar panels that converts to electricity and is then stored for future use, the heated water in a solar water heater easily goes over to a hose and faucet and can be used to get hot water. Water is one of the most important resources we have. And as such, making sure we've got a steady supply of it is critical to our survival. Copper tank Solar water heaters make perfect sense. You can heat your water with free heat from the sun, and they work 24/7 without consuming energy from your home. They can be installed within a day.

Book System

Tank Capacity

Capacity Suaitable for (members)
100 LPD 2 - 3 (members)
125 LPD 3 - 4 (members)
150 LPD 4 - 5 (members)
200 LPD 5 - 6 (members)
250 LPD 5 - 6 (members)
300 LPD 6 - 7 (members)
500 LPD 8 - 10 (members)

More Details

Vacuum Tube outer diameter 47/58 mm
Tube length 2100 mm
Outer Tank Diameter 480 mm
Inner Tank Diameter 380 mm
Temperature 65 degree C to 85 degree C
Tank Insulation PUF 50mm (polyurethane foaming)
Stand frame Galvanized Power coated
Inner tank material High-Grade Steel, Enamel steel of 2.5mm With glass lined coating
Outer Tank Material Galvanized Power coated for PC models and SS-204 Steel for SS Models
Method of Welding Seam less and Non Welding Technology
Type of Fasteners Galvanized
Type of Circulation Thermosyphon
Outer dish Aluminium with powder coated
Inner dish 2.5mm
Electrical Back Up 2 KW/ 3 KW (optional)